BUNdamental Checkpoints For Quality Hamburger Buns

In our mind, a hamburger’s claim to fame has always been the bun. There are many desirable characteristics for producing traditional hamburger buns: the bun should be round, averaging 3.5 x 5 inches in diameter, have a reddish or nutty brown crust color with no white spots on the bottom, and have no blisters on the top crust. But brush all those physical attributes aside, because what really makes a quality hamburger bun is found in the baking science knowledge you need from AIB’s Hamburger Buns Online. That’s where product troubleshooting tips really happen.

Hamburger Buns Online is a specialized introduction to the unique product characteristics of hamburger and hot dog buns. Like all AIB’s online baking courses, you'll be transported from your production facility into a learning environment. This course covers:

  • Formulations
  • Product characteristics
  • Processing conditions

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