Cake Decorators Range In Style, Products

With many options breaking the traditional molds of a wedding cake, couples can
spend hours pouring over designs, serving sizes, cake toppers and extras to make
each cake as unique and symbolic as possible.

While recommends taking advantage of free initial consultations and
trying out several cakes and talking to a few different decorators (you wouldnt
buy the first wedding dress you try on in most cases, either), the difference
between larger chain stores bakeries and local cake designers can mean a
difference in choices and decisions.

Mindy Wilson, owner and cake designer at Blue Sky Cake Designs in Manhattan,
said she sees some similar concepts in what her clients are looking for, such as
the traditional multi-tier cakes and the use of monograms and fresh flowers as
cake toppers, but one advantage to a small local designer is the ability to help
design a unique, non-cookie cutter cake.

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