Caribbean Pie Co. Opening Bee Ridge, FL Retail Store

The company sells popular key lime, coconut cream and chocolate silk pies at farmers markets and on the internet.

Right now, Caribbean Pie Co. sells its desserts directly to consumers through local farmers markets and the internet. But starting next month, you’ll be able to satisfy your key lime pie on-a-stick cravings outside of farmers market hours.

The company, which bakes and sells pies, tarts, fudge, cheesecakes and other treats mostly to restaurants and grocers in Southwest Florida, is moving to a new location in Sarasota at 2245 Bee Ridge Road.

The idea is to become more retail-focused, owner Shari Rogers said. Caribbean Pie Co. currently operates out of a location in an industrial park in North Venice, which isn’t exactly a welcoming storefront, although some retail sales are made there, she said.

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