Challah 100 Is Mega Challah Baking Event

ASHEVILLE — At 6 p.m. Sept. 1, one week prior to the Jewish New Year, at least 100 women will gather at the Doubletree-Biltmore, 115 Hendersonville Road, for what is promising to be Western North Carolina’s largest challah baking event.

In addition to the challah baking, Challah 100 will feature a silent auction, Judaica and specialty boutiques, Kosher Viennese tables, and the unveiling of “Tastes of Jewish Asheville,” the all-new Kosher Community Cookbook, a project of the Jewish women in Western North Carolina.

The Hebrew word challah refers to the two loaves of bread that form the core of the Shabbat meal. For many Jewish women, challah is more than just a loaf of bread. “To me, challah is about physical and spiritual sustenance,” said Chana Susskind, coordinator of the Jewish Women’s Circle and director of Chabad’s Hebrew School of the Arts. “This is why I enjoy sharing challah with others. I am really moved by the fact that over 100 women will gather to bake challah right here in Asheville.”

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