Crepini Expands and Relocates in Dutchess County

Brooklyn, NY — Crepini®, America’s Crêpe, is answering a growing demand for its bread and wrap alternatives, with an expansion and move to Dutchess County slated for the summer of 2019. Crepini is driven by the spirit of invention and is quickly Changing the Way America Breaks Bread™ by paving the way as the first of its kind healthy, nutritious and convenient alternative to bread and wraps. Crepini focuses on unique, healthy, and innovative products that can be used every day for every meal. Crepini’s new facility to be located at iPark in East Fishkill with 33,000 square feet of custom-built factory that will feature state of the art machinery, designated areas to produce gluten-free and allergen-free items and bring an estimated 108 new jobs to the area.

“Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. is pleased to welcome Crepini to Dutchess County, as we recognize the importance of new private sector investment and job creation in the Mid-Hudson Valley,” said Anthony Campagiorni, Vice President of Customer Services and Regulatory Affairs for Central Hudson. “Our economic development programs are offered to secure and retain quality employers in our region, and that is why we’re pleased to award a $126,000 Business Attraction grant to Crepini in support of their significant investment and job creation.”

The move which is scheduled to start in May 2019, will grant Crepini more production space and increase capacity by 500%. “iPark has become a significant economic engine for Dutchess County, providing affordable, high tech infrastructure perfect for companies like Crepini looking to grow in New York State,” said Sarah Lee, CEO of Think Dutchess Alliance for Business. “We look forward to welcoming Crepini to our fastgrowing food and beverage industry.”

Crepini received $2.5 million in Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits from Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic development agency for the expansion. Crepini’s expansion closely aligns with the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council’s “Work” Strategy, creating manufacturing jobs in the region, and further implements the Mid-Hudson’s Regional Economic Cluster Program of the food and beverage manufacturing supply chain. “We are excited to see Crepini move into new and improved space in the former IBM campus in East Fishkill,” said Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Howard Zemsky. “ESD is proud to revitalize existing facilities and help New York companies expand in the Mid-Hudson region and throughout the state.”

Crepini is honored to have been awarded incentives, grants, and assistance in securing its next home at iPark in East Fishkill, NY. “The move of Crepini from NYC to the Hudson Valley is a perfect example of how regions can work together to ensure that NYS is stronger as a whole.  We were happy to assist in this move, and pleased that Crepini will stay and grow in NYS”. Mary Jane Bertam, Regional Director, Workforce

Development Institute

Crepini thanks the state of New York, Empire State Development, The Think Dutchess Alliance for Business, Central Hudson, as well as the Hudson Valley Workforce Development Institute (WDI) for their commitment to keep Crepini in New York and help bring new jobs and investment to the Mid-Hudson Region. “We are pleased to welcome Crepini to Dutchess County, and I appreciate the efforts of Empire State Development, Think Dutchess, Central Hudson and iPark to land Crepini, and add to our growing manufacturing and food and beverage industries,” said Marcus J. Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive.

Crepini has maximized its current production and growth capabilities in its manufacturing and office space in the Brooklyn Meat Market. This move provides Crepini with the necessary space and a boost in funding to set itself up for substantial growth in the coming years.

“We are so honored to receive this grant to use towards our continued growth and we are committed to giving back to the state that has been our home since we immigrated to America,” said Paula Rimer, CEO and one of the Founders of Crepini. “Through our family’s hard work and growth, we are now able to create more than 108 new jobs for other hard-working New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley and continue to work towards our goal of having Crepini products on every table in America. We are truly living the American dream.”  

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Crepini®, America’s Crêpes, is Changing the Way America Breaks Bread™ by paving the way as first of its kind – Healthy, Nutritious and Convenient alternative to bread and wraps. Family-owned and based in New York, Crepini’s mission is to provide busy people with simple, versatile, and healthy wraps. As a pioneer in the industry, Crepini products provide unsurpassed value to our customers and businesses partners through our commitment to the highest quality, food safety, and integrity standards, and to our environment and communities in which we operate. Crepini is powered by a passion for spectacular foods that complement a health-conscious lifestyle. For more information go to