Daffy Apple Extends Business To New Markets, Changing Name To Daffy Farms

Denver, CO – After more than 60 years of popularity, why is Daffy Apple Corporation changing its name to Daffy Farms.

“Because of our growing year-round caramel business to grocery chains, bakeries, the foodservice trade and more,” answered Phillip Kellogg, president of Daffy Farms, which recently changed its name from Daffy Apple Corporation. “We are now more than apples.”

Daffy Farms is a Colorado business operating nationally and selling three varieties of caramel: All Natural Baker’s Caramel, All Natural Dipping Caramel, and the Daffy Apple Traditional Caramel in brown and red.

Caramel is an ingredient and topping used in a growing array of pastries and other baked goods, confections, snacks, desserts, drinks, and frozen treats. And it’s also used to make custom apples dipped in everything from coconut to candy bar pieces.

“Bakery companies and grocery bakery departments are finding new ways to delight their customers with caramel creations,” said Kellogg. “We’ve been known for making the finest caramel and our traditional recipe hasn’t changed since 1953. With the addition of our new all natural products, we have a solution for all types of applications”.

The new all natural caramel products are produced with non-GMO corn syrup, fresh cream, pure cane  sugar, and butter with no artificial flavors or colors. They are available in a range of sizes and can be  packed in microwaveable tubs. Daffy Farms’ Traditional Caramel is an easy-to-use dipping caramel that maintains a unique shiny finish. It is available in four different sizes for use at home, in retail settings, and by the food service industry.

The Daffy Apple®

Caramel Apple has been a national tradition since the 1950s. Caramel apple dipping kits have been a top seller on Daffy Farms’ web site for several years and caramel apple dipping parties are popular events for kids of all ages. In recent years, caramel dipped apples with a crunchy coating have even become a trendy party and wedding favor idea.

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Source: Daffy Farms