Daffy Farms Launches Commercial Caramel Business

Denver, CO – Daffy Farms is now supplying caramel to grocery chains, bakeries, and the foodservice trade and has introduced a new line of all natural caramel products to complement its popular traditional recipes. The new product announcement was made today by Phillip Kellogg, president, who said that the Colorado-based company, famous for more than 60 years for the Daffy Apple Caramel Apple, recognized a need for a clean label and easy-to-use caramel for the commercial market.

“Independent and grocery bakeries are finding new ways to delight their customers with caramel creations,” said Kellogg. “With the addition of our new all natural products to our traditional recipe, we have a caramel for any type of product.” Caramel is an ingredient and topping used in a growing array of pastries, baked goods, confections, snacks, desserts, drinks, and frozen treats, and will always be the perfect accompaniment to the apple. The latest culinary trend, salted caramel, not only changes the market and increases demand for caramel, but also introduces entirely new lines of sweet and salty products to satisfy consumers’ palates.

Daffy Farms sells four varieties of caramel: All Natural Baker’s Caramel, All Natural Dipping Caramel, Traditional Dipping Caramel, and Red Candy Dipping Caramel. The new all natural caramels are produced with non-GMO corn syrup, fresh cream, pure cane sugar, and butter, and include no artificial flavors or colors. They are available in a range of sizes and can be packed in convenient microwaveable tubs. Traditional Caramel and Red Candy Caramel are easy-to-use dipping caramels that maintain a unique shiny finish. They are available in multiple sizes that are suitable for use in home, retail, and foodservice settings.

Daffy Farms changed its name recently from Daffy Apple to reflect the addition of several new product lines. Since 1951, the Daffy Apple® apple dipping kits have been a top seller online for many years, allowing customers the opportunity to put their own creative twist on caramel apple dipping. Caramel apples with crunchy coatings have even become popular at parties and for use as wedding favors.

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Source: Daffy Farms