Dawn Shopper Insights: Shopper Mindsets & Need States

Have you ever wondered just what your customers are thinking while they wander through your bakery? Wonder no more! The Emotional Indulger, the Rational Shopper and the Trendsetter are mindsets based on real shopper data we uncovered in our proprietary research. Get all the information you need to appeal to the way consumers really shop: by mindset rather than product category. The more you know about these shoppers, the sooner you’ll be able to make your bakery their bakery.

Need States

Did you know that the majority of purchases in your bakery are impulse purchases, and not planned? What other reasons do shoppers purchase (or not!) from your bakery? Working with Technomic, Dawn studied many different aspects of the bakery and discovered exciting new insights and ideas to help you drive profit. We call them the four Cs of bakery shoppers: Convenience, Celebration, Craving and Connection. Learn more about each of these needs of your instore bakery shoppers, and tips for how you can satisfy them, to make your bakery their bakery!

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