DecoPac Teams With Duff Goldman On New Decorating Line

DecoPac, the worlds largest wholesale cake decoration supplier, and Duff
Goldman, creative genius behind the wildly successful Charm City Cakes, have
unveiled a collaborative product line designed to push the envelope in cake
decorating and unleash professional bakers and cake decorators inner artists.

The Duff product line is unlike other products offered by DecoPac in that it
includes items more common to an artists studio than a bakery: markers, sketch
pads and flip books, all intended to feed the imagination and create truly
memorable cakes for bakery customers.

“Ive been looking for a way to help professional cake decorators express their
creativity and inspire them to define their own style,” said Duff Goldman. “This
partnership with DecoPac is a great opportunity to do this on a big scale by
introducing new tools and a new way of thinking about cakes to thousands of

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