Discover 6 Hot Italian Concepts

Italy is famous for its fashion, culture and rich history, but also for its food. Everybody knows pizza, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. “Baked goods might not directly come to mind when thinking of Italy. But did you know that Italy hosts some really hot concepts in bakery, patisserie and chocolate? These 6 Italian concepts:

Al Panificio Davide Longoni
Davide Longoni has applied a real ‘retro innovation’ in the bakery sector, recovering the ancient technique of natural leavening and stone-grounding. In his bakery in Milan, he uses ancient grains from millers he’s familiar with and who are, in turn, familiar with the farmers with whom they cooperate to recover the old grain varieties. This bakery is not only famous for its (huge) sourdough breads, but also for its brioches.

Le Polveri – micro panificio
Aurora, founder of Le Polveri, obtained her degree in chemistry and then immersed herself into the formula of bread. She worked in various bakery laboratories, learning about bread in every detail, from the finished product to the raw materials: the powders – in Italian ‘le polveri’. After years of training, Aurora opened her small craft micro bakery with a visual laboratory. On 50 square meters you can rediscover real bread. Aurora experiments continuously. Visit the bakery for all sorts of breads and baguettes, but also for granules, shortbread biscuits or the Pala, a focaccia seasoned with ingredients that change daily, depending on availability.

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