Emmy’s Organics Acquired by International Bakery Firm

ITHACA, N.Y.—Emmy’s has come a long way from making cookies in a home kitchen and selling them at the Farmer’s Market. While they still make cookies in Tompkins County, the audience is bigger and now the ownership is as well.

The gluten-free cookie maker, which now operates out of a production and warehouse facility in the town of Dryden, has been acquired by Mexico-based Grupo Bimbo, better known in the states as Bimbo Bakeries. The Bimbo name may not be familiar, but their products are supermarket staples, with brands such as Sara Lee, Entenmann’s, and Freihofer’s.

Bimbo first reported the deal in the release of its second-quarter earnings at the end of July, according to food industry trade publications. Bimbo, whose headquarters is in Mexico City, described Emmy’s as a manufacturer of “ultra-premium organic cookies and a major player in gluten-free cookies,” adding the acquisition provides the company with an “entry point into the quickly growing better-for-you cookie and sweet baked goods market.” The terms of the sale, which was completed in May, were not disclosed.

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