Ethel Ann’s Bakery of Madison Shifts From Wholesale to Online Retail Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

thel Ann’s Savories & Sweets has roots in Georgia, was cultivated in Chicago, and came to fruition in Madison. John Kibler and his husband, Paul Cochran, own the online bakery that is a tribute to Kibler’s mother, Ethel Ann.

“All our recipes are based on memories, recipes and stories that I grew up with,” said Kibler, who was raised in Dudley, Georgia.

As a mother of four young children, Ethel Ann learned to cook by taking classes out of necessity, at the vocational college and local department stores in Augusta, Georgia. Kibler reminisces about the global flair her cooking had in contrast to the Southern-style cooking of his childhood caretaker, Sennie Mae Allen. Ethel Ann remains his most influential culinary presence, with Allen next in line.

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