Fedima Launches a Campaign to Promote Sourdough

Fedima, the European trade association representing the bakery, patisserie and confectionery ingredients’ manufacturers has launched a campaign to promote sourdough and inform consumers about this fascinating ingredient. The launch of the campaign is marked by the publication of a video on sourdough, the first of a series of other videos and informative materials.

Fedima has associations in thirteen countries across Europe and aims to represent its members in EU-wide discussions on key policy issues, working to support and grow the bakery sector as a whole. Fedima’s sourdough campaign is based on the results of a survey conducted in 2019 in nine European countries gathering data from over 5.000 people. The campaign aims to educate consumers on sourdough, providing information on how it is formed, its taste and history, and its value in baking traditions across Europe..

How is sourdough created?

In this video, Fedima’s campaign explains the history and origins of sourdough.

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