Fridge Soft – Keep Bread Fresher, Longer

Fridge Soft, from Caravan Ingredients, is an ESL blend of enzymes designed for EXTREME anti-staling applications in refrigerated, non refrigerated and frozen products. Fridge soft extends shelf life and greatly reduces bread and roll staling by keeping the products soft, moist and yet resilient.

Use Fridge Soft to reduce waste levels of prepared products kept in refrigerators and vending machines by increasing shelf life for days or weeks longer. Including Fridge Soft in hamburger and hot dog buns can save you money and increase quality during the peak summer season; extending shelf life and avoiding the need to freeze excess product for the months ahead.

To learn how to keep your bakery products tasting as fresh on the day they are consumed as the day they were made, call Caravan Ingredients at 800.669.4092.

Source: Caravan Ingredients