From Cocoa Shells to Biochar: The Power to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Produce Green Energy

On December 3, 2020, our fourth Forever Chocolate Report will be published showing the progress we are making towards our 2025 targets. Innovation is at the heart of our advancement, and this year, we embarked on an exciting, and industry first, project to commence the transformation of cocoa by-products into biochar.

Over the last two years, Barry Callebaut has been working on an innovative project to produce biochar, also known as ‘agriculture’s black gold’. In 2020, we ramped up the infrastructure to commence producing biochar in one of our European factories.  So what is biochar? How does biochar help us to reach our 2025 Forever Chocolate targets? To answer these questions, we ask our colleagues Geza Toth, Global Forest and Carbon Program Lead and Neelke Verhelst, Global Sustainability Operations Lead.

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