Furthering Fortification In Baked Goods

To win the battle against pellagra in the early 1900s scientists encouraged
niacin enrichment of bread and other grain products. By 1940, fortification of
flour and bread with niacin and three other nutrients iron, riboflavin and
thiamin was mandatory in the US.

“Baked foods have and will continue to play a huge role in overall nutrition,”
said Bill Gambel, director of sales, Caravan Ingredients, Lenexa, KS. “Baked
foods are an excellent vehicle for fortification. They are well received by the
consumer, and it is fairly simple and inexpensive to provide additional healthy
benefits that come along with the fortification of these types of products.

“Being involved when the mandate for folic acid was instituted, and shortly
thereafter seeing the clinical data touting the reduction of spina bifida in
newborn children by approximately half, makes the good case for fortifying
foods, particularly baked foods,” Mr. Gambel continued. “Assuming the ingredient
is acceptable by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and does not denature in
the baking process, there is an opportunity for almost any fortificant with a
quantifiable health benefit to be included in baked foods.”

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