Gluten-Free Bread Market Share Analysis by 2027

Rockville, MD — Gluten-free bread has been rising in popularity in the recent times, due to growing concerns regarding gluten intolerance and sensitivity. Apart for eliminating such risks, gluten-free bread is largely consumed for its benefits in digestive health, cholesterol level, weight loss, and in preventing the risk of several diseases. Bread is considered to be a staple food in various regions across the world which in turn is likely to influence the development of gluten-free bread market. In addition, emerging trends of serving gluten-free foods in various events and communion is expected to create potential growth prospects of the gluten-free bread market.

Many bakery manufacturers have started to introduce gluten-free bread in their product line which in turn is anticipated to enhance the lucrativeness of the market. According to several studies, 1 in 133 people in the United States suffer from celiac disease which cannot digest gluten at all. This has led to surge in the demand for gluten-free bread. In addition, increasing adoption of gluten-free diet even by the people without celiac disease because of gluten causing intestinal symptoms is expected to directly influence the demand for gluten-free bread. Continued focus of manufacturers on improving the product quality and shelf life will possibly accelerate the gluten-free bread market growth.

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