Go Nuts With Donuts

There’s doughnuts… and there’s doughnuts. While the simple sugar-coated doughnuts and the ones glazed with a little icing and chocolate sprinkles remain popular, we see the rise of another specimen: the over-the-top doughnut. These doughnuts boast extravagant toppings or extraordinary flavours. These 4 concepts master the over-the-top doughnut trend.

Hoeked Doughnuts
It’s practically impossible not to get hooked on Hoeked doughnuts. The founders of this Belgian doughnut concept have taken their own approach to dough recipes. This has resulted in brioche-inspired mixtures and spelt & multigrain doughnuts, as well as the addition of red beets. Not only do these recipes ensure tasty and different doughnuts, they are also softer, fluffier and healthier ones. Oh, and they’re square!

Hoeked has a doughnut for everyone, whether you like classics such as cinnamon sugar or blueberry glazed, or the crazier flavours like crème brûlée or Japanese matcha tea glaze with roasted pine nuts.

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