Grain4Grain’s Spent Grain Flour Now Transformed into H-E-B’s Tasty & Sustainably-Minded New Bread

San Antonio, Texas – San Antonio-based artisan and Agtech food company, Grain4Grain, which has already been on everyone’s radar for their unique Low Carb, High Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix and Low Carb, High Protein Flour, has now found its way into H-E-B Bakery’s new H-E-B Spent Grain Beer BreadSpent Grain Beer Brats (hot dog buns) and Spent Grain Beer Buns (hamburger buns), which just launched into 150 H-E-B scratch bakeries across Texas last week.

H-E-B Spent Grain Beer Bread and buns are not only high in fiber and exceptionally delicious, but are made with a sustainable flour, making it the perfect choice for savvy shoppers looking to make healthier, mindful choices.

Grocery trends indicate that foods which “reduce our environmental impact” will skyrocket this year, putting Grain4Grain in an ideal position to make significant headway in 2021. 

Grain4Grain has developed a proprietary method for taking spent grain from local microbreweries and upcycling it (rather than having it end up in landfills) to make a healthful flour that is virtually carb free, as well as high in protein and fiber. 

Spent grain flour is a popular alternative flour that home cooks and bakers have already been using to make delicious baked goods, including cookies, pasta, tortillas, muffins and an endless number of possibilities. Now, Grain4Grain is excited to transition into also providing their spent grain flour in bulk to wholesale accounts who wish to take advantage of this exciting new ingredient! 

“This is our way of doing something good for the planet, and we’re really proud to have H-E-B as our first big wholesale account. This H-E-B Spent Grain Beer Bread is the premier bread made with our spent grain flour launched under the H-E-B brand,” said Yoni Medhin, Co-Founder of Grain4Grain. “We’re also working with a number of other companies to create healthier, more sustainable, food options made with our sustainable grain and flour, including dog treats.” 

According to Yoni, the new H-E-B Spent Grain Beer Bread and other baked goods made with Grain4Grain’s flour are absolutely amazing. Made with the spent grains from breweries and natural beer flavor, the bread has a distinctive, yet not overpowering, beer taste that pairs well with savory ingredients.

Yoni recommends enjoying it as toast with a little swath of butter for breakfast or as a sandwich bread to elevate those traditional lunch meats. For a truly exceptional bite, he likes to use lamb or a cured meat, such as prosciutto, with a fine cheese and press it into a panini.

“It’s super flavorful!” said Yoni. “This bread is high in fiber, so it’s a good option if someone is looking to change things up.” 

Currently, Grain4Grain is sourcing their spent grain from fellow San Antonio-based company, Freetail Brewing Co. and is working on expanding their sourcing from other local micro-breweries soon, including Real Ale Brewery in Blanco, Texas.

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