Great Market Growth Expected For Anti-Aging Snacks

The desire for a fountain of youth is nearly universal, and the global population is aging. According to new research from Leatherhead Food Research, this means there is a ready market of consumers interested in anti-aging snacks and fortified baked goods to promote health and youthfulness.

Over the past 25 years or so there has been rising interest in the role of diet in this process, and consumers are increasingly trying to manage their health through their eating patterns, increasingly turning to everyday foodstuffs that already contain or can be fortified with the additional nutrients and ingredients that they believe that they need, states the report, titled The Market for Anti-Ageing Foods.

The researchers claim that, to date, commercial product activity in food and drinks that prevent or reduce age-related disease has been fairly limited, but they note relatively high levels of activity in cookies and snacks, even if the market remains small and fragmented.

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