Healthy Baked Goods Company Bougie Bakes Launches Reusable Packaging and Carbon Neutral Delivery

LOS ANGELES – Bougie Bakes (, a Los Angeles-based maker-distributor of healthy snack alternatives, will now ship their delicious bakes in completely sustainable packaging. Reusable cookie tins, eco-friendly cellulose film, and a carbon offset algorithm highlight the packaging overhaul.

“Sustainability has always been a focus,” says Meghan Quinn Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Bougie Bakes. “We spent the last year coming up with a solution to eliminate wasteful packaging while maintaining a beautiful presentation and keeping our bakes fresh.”

All initial orders are shipped in a reusable cookie tin- a tin modeled after the original, iconic Bougie Bakes white and gold product boxes. The bakes themselves are placed in 100% recyclable trays and are wrapped in cellulose derived from wood pulp. Subsequent orders are shipped with just the trays and customers can store the bakes in their tins.

The shipping boxes, padding, and tape are all recyclable. “Traditional shipping tape, which is not only non-recyclable, also disqualifies an otherwise recyclable cardboard box,” says Ryan Quinn Co-Founder at Bougie Bakes. “We use water activated tape made with recycled paper. This special tape requires an expensive machine to use, but it’s worth it because it enables us to save so much waste.”

Bougie Bakes now becomes one of the only e-commerce brands that offset 100% of their carbon emissions generated from shipping. An algorithm calculates the emissions of each unique order, based on what was ordered and where it is shipping. This initiative comes at no additional cost to customers. It simply comes with the satisfaction of knowing that purchasing Bougie Bakes means making a positive impact on the planet.

About Bougie Bakes
Using only high quality and organic ingredients, Bougie Bakes produces gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free cookies, brownies, and muffins. Bougie Bakes was founded in 2018 by husband and wife Ryan and Meghan Quinn after they were unsuccessful in finding healthy sweets that tasted great while preparing for their wedding.