Helping Bakers Meet Demand for Veg-Based and Gluten-Free Pizzas

As a category that hasn’t seen significant innovation since the invention of the stuffed crust, pizza is currently experiencing an alternative-dough revolution. As more people seek to add low-carb, healthier baked goods to their diets, vegetable-based and gluten-free options are gaining a growing share of pizza buyers’ attention. And it’s a trend that’s set to take off in 2022.

A growing trend for flour alternatives

Driven by surging interest in vegan and gluten-free lifestyles, increasing numbers of consumers are seeking out healthier alternatives to their everyday favorites. As part of this, the vegan and gluten-free pizza markets are rapidly maturing: customers now expect that authentic pizza-crust taste even with alternative dough.

Many bakery operations, however, are not equipped to deal with the demands of veg-based or gluten-free pizza-making. Whether it’s made with gluten-free flour, rice flour, or cauliflower, the higher moisture content and lower elasticity of these dough alternatives can prove problematic due to their consistency, stickiness, and fragility. Thankfully, AMF Bakery Systems offers customizable, precision solutions for expanding your gluten-free and vegetable-based pizza lines.

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