Honoring The Baking Leaders Of Tomorrow | AIB’s 191st Graduating Class

Over the past 100 years BEMA has been committed to connecting and educating the baking workforce.  On December 15th AIB (American Institute of Baking International) held a graduation ceremony for the 191st graduating class. Kerwin Brown, President & CEO, BEMA attended the ceremony, presented the commencement speech as well as the BEMA Excellence in Laboratory Leadership award.

The ceremony opened with Brian Strouts, Vice President, Baking and Food Technical Services welcoming attendees inclusive of graduates, program instructors, family, friends, and colleagues in the baking industry.  He shared with the audience the Baker’s Creed.  A document that reflects the pride and responsibility the bakers along with the community in the baking industry follows.

Debbie Rogers, one of the program’s instructors spoke about her experience with the class noting their unique characteristics.   She noted they were known for their hard work and for being social around food.  “Many nights they shared food from their respective countries, they got to know each other and of course, study.” The class of almost 30 was from all over the world representing, US, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Columbia, Guatemala,” said Rogers.

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