How Digital Payments Contribute to Sustainable Cocoa Farming

Digital payments are increasingly accepted in cocoa-growing origins. At Barry Callebaut, we scale our digital premium payment solutions across West Africa, Indonesia and South America. Payment digitization is another step in our longstanding commitment to sustainability and to improving farmer livelihoods. It addresses one of their main struggles – access to investments in their farms.

Over the past year, thousands more cocoa farmers within Barry Callebaut’s global supply chain have begun to receive digital cash payments for their beans. Cocoa beans that are part of certified or verified cocoa programs such as Rainforest Alliance or Cocoa Horizons generate additional premiums, and these are now paid digitally to farmers.

Why are digital payments important for sustainable cocoa farming? They are more secure and provide credible records of farmer income. Until recently, cocoa farmers looked forward to their harvests with both excitement and anxiety. Exclusion from formal financial services, limited access to credit, and low financial literacy can result in unpaid bills and lack of income until a cash payment is received. In addition, transporting and delivery of bulk cash payments can be a risky business.

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