How Front of Pack Labeling Changes Consumer’s Shopping Behavior

To help the growing number of health-conscious consumers select the product with the best nutritional value quickly, front-of-pack (FOP) labeling such as the Nutri-Score has been introduced. Research shows that this is already impacting consumers’ shopping behaviour. What are the effects, and what are the consequences for food manufacturers?

Growing consumer demand for transparency and healthier products

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Health & Well-Being trend globally moved into the spotlight of consumer’s interest. Data from Taste Tomorrow research show that 90% of global respondents read the packaging information, to learn more about the ingredients used (50%), the nutritional value (43%) and origin of the product (35%). The Taste Tomorrow data also show which nutritional values are the most searched for: sugar (45%), calories (44%), and fat fat (36%). 67% of worldwide respondents think removing fat will contribute to better health, and 66% think that removing sugar will lead to healthier people. 

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