Hu Launches Grain-Free Cookies With No Added Sugar

New York, NY  Hu, the popular mission-driven snacking company beloved for its dark chocolate, grain-free crackers and support of humans everywhere, is thrilled to announce a brand new line of grain-free, no-added-sugar cookies, now available for purchase online through, Amazon, and coming to Sprouts stores nationwide in April.

Hu’s Grain-Free, No Added Sugar Cookiesare crispy, mini cookies and come in four nostalgic, delicious flavors: Chocolate ChipPeanut ButterSnickerdoodle, andGinger Snap, all with terrific taste profiles that remind us of the treats we loved as kids. Combining three main perks that you’ll find individually elsewhere, but rarely all in one product, Hu Grain-Free Cookiesare better for you, better for the planet, and taste like a cookie should – affirming Hu’s position at the forefront of the better-for-you snacking evolution. 

“We could not be more pumped to introduce Hu Cookies to the world. The whole team worked incredibly hard on this new line and hustled to bring it to life.  We’re excited for our fans to taste them,” says Jordan Brown, Hu Co-Founder. “Hands down, my and Jessica’s {Karp, Co-Founder} favorite snack growing up was cookies, and our mother kept the kitchen stocked with a large array. As we got older and more health-oriented, our cookie consumption plummeted.  With the launch of Hu and our becoming gluten-free/grain-free fanatics, we knew we could one day bring back to life those cookies from our youth – but in a way that fit our adult eating habits. That day is here! You don’t have to make tradeoffs with these cookies, as there are no weird ingredients and no sacrifice to great taste.”

Hu is a proud pioneer of grain-free foods, dating back to its 2012 founding as a fast-casual restaurant built around the category. Today, the grain-free movement is one of the fastest-growing trends in food, growing 30% year over year, according to a March 2020 SNIPS report. To make delicious cookies that comply with these challenging yet crucial ingredient guardrails, Hu went beyond what is easy and expected, using certified humane, free-range eggs as well as naturally-occurring and less refined ingredients like whole cassava flour instead of refined starch (like tapioca starch). Hu cookies also contain: no added sugar; no sugar alcohols like Erythritol; and no stevia, all commonly-seen sweeteners in “better for you” cookies.

Hu No Added Sugar Grain-Free Cookies join a lineup including HuChocolate Bars, Hu Chocolate Gems (Snacking and Baking Chocolate), HuHunks (chocolate-covered nuts and fruit), and Hu Grain-Free Crackers. They are available at and Amazon beginning today and will be available at Sprouts stores in April. Hu Cookies retail for $15 a single flavor three-pack, $20 for a variety pack of all four flavors, and $28 for a single-flavor six-pack.  Additional retail locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

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About Hu Products

Hu (aka Hu Chocolate and pronounced “Hue” as in human) is one of the fastest-growing snacking companies in the U.S. with a strict focus on Ultrasimple™, clean-label,  paleo/primal ingredients. Hu’s full product line includes Hu Chocolate Bars, Hu Hunks (chocolate-covered nuts and fruit), Hu Gems (snacking and baking chocolate), and Hu Grain-Free Crackers. More information about Hu and how we “Get Back to Human” is available at and @hukitchen on Social.