IBIE: Baking Strong

In this IBIE blog post, Robb MacKie, the President & CEO of the American Bakers Association offers reflections on the global COVID-19 pandemic and how the baking industry, in this crisis and others, has always been and will always be #BakingStrong.  The American Bakers Association (ABA), is a  co-owner of IBIE, along with BEMA and in partnership with the Retail Bakers of America.


There was a before and there will be an after, and we will – as an industry –  be in this together. While this crisis is entirely different from ones we have weathered before, the response is the same: our industry bands together ensuring we can continue feeding America’s families a safe, healthy – and, let’s admit it – sometimes indulgent – food staple. The sustenance and joy our industry provides is the core of our Members’ noble work. It’s in trying times like these that others get to see it.

As America experienced the rolling waves of shutdowns and quarantines and the extreme fear of the unknown, as the federal government invoked various acts to protect the food supply and our Association worked to ensure our industry had tools to stay operational or to be supported during a dire time, our Members and our industry exemplified to themselves and others how they are, and always have been, pillars of their communities.

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