Introducing SCS Gluten-Free Certification

SCS’ new Gluten-Free Certification is the most comprehensive and efficient Gluten-Free Certification on the market today.

As the visibility and consumption of gluten-free foods continues to escalate and drive increased demand, consumers are asking for greater transparency in growing and manufacturing processes. At the same time, for those struggling with gluten intolerance or an allergy, accurate labeling and trustworthy gluten-free certifications are needed.

To meet this growing consumer demand, SCS has launched a new certification standard, SCS Gluten-Free, one of the most stringent food allergen certification programs in the world. SCS uses cutting-edge auditing technology to provide virtual inspections for all low-risk facilities while still maintaining strict testing thresholds down to 10ppm.

The unique benefits of SCS Gluten-Free include:

  • Virtual audits for any facility that does not handle gluten or high-risk inputs outside of certified products
  • Efficient auditing timelines resulting in certification in weeks rather than months
  • Easy bundling with Non-GMO Project and USDA Organic
  • Cost savings on any other SCS certification program

Now is the time to provide the assurance your customers deserve while strengthening your brand. Click the link below or contact SCS’ Sales Team to learn more and schedule your gluten-free audit today!

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