Is The Power Of The Flour Really The Secret To Baking The Perfect Biscuit?

Cheryl Day makes hundreds of biscuits a day, churning them out by hand at Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah, Ga. Tall and golden, with flaky layers and a lightly crunchy exterior, people come from miles around to eat them each morning, slathered with pepper jelly, stuffed with eggs and bacon, or simply smeared with a little butter.

“Biscuits are the croissants of the South,” says Day, an award-winning baker and cookbook author. “They’re more complicated than you think, and they keep me busy every day.”

Once upon a time, Day would’ve asserted that the best biscuits are made with White Lily Flour, her grandmother’s favorite. The fans of White Lily, a silky low-protein, low-gluten flour made with soft red winter wheat, are legion, declaring that it is nigh impossible to bake a good biscuit without it.

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