JFOODO Introduces Gluten-free Japanese Rice Flour Bread

BALTIMORE – JFOODO (The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center) showcased Japanese rice flour and its gluten-free Japanese rice flour breads at Natural Products Expo East 2019, the industry’s largest event on the east coast, held in Baltimore Convention Center September 11th -14th. They were well received by more than 3,000 attendees, especially the health-conscious visitors, who tried the bread.

Japanese rice flour is made with pride using advanced Japanese craftsmanship, which is distinguished by three outstanding characteristics stemming from its highly uniformly-sized particles.

HEALTHY: Rice flour rises easily* without additives, even though it is gluten-free, enabling eaters to make healthy breads and treats. (*Baking conditions will differ by rice flour used.)

FLAVORFUL, SOFT&CRISPY: Made in Japan, a country with a rich rice-centric culinary culture, this rice flour is used to make bread and pastries that are crisp on the outside yet soft and moist on the inside. Hence, a melt-in-our-mouth texture with a faintly sweet aroma can be enjoyed.

EASY TO USE: Rice flour made using sophisticated techniques unique to Japan results in lump-free, easy to knead, and workable dough. Its moist, velvety feel lasts long after baking.

Collaborating with their ambassador chefs, JFOODO developed recipes for breads made from Japanese rice flour, that can fit to health-conscious people in the US market. At Natural Products Expo East, JFOODO held tastings of these breads along with chef’s demonstrations to show how easy to use the flour. As a result, more than 3,000 attendees have tried the bread and 92% of them showed big interests in the fact that breads are gluten-free and very healthy, yet the taste is fantastically good. 100% of attendees who tasted the breads answered it was good in the survey.


JFOODO (The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center) was established by the Japanese government in 2017, which devotes its resources to the branding of Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products. At the present time, JFOODO started to promote Japanese rice flour in the US market, where more people are concerned about being healthy.