Joseph’s Bakery Introduces First Diabetic-Friendly Pita Bread And Launches E-Commerce

Joseph's Bakery has launched a new series of diabetic-friendly products that complements its impressive offering for health-conscious bread consumers. Its website has been extended with e-commerce that makes it possible to shop in an online bakery with incredible ease and pleasure.

Founded in 1972, Joseph's Bakery has always seen health qualities of its products as a defining characteristic and a top priority. From a small bakery in Lowell, Massachusetts, its has relied on health-conscious consumers to grow into a nationwide chain that is known as a provider of delicious and wholesome pita bread, lavash and other bakery products. Its dedication to healthful ingredients, such as flax, 100% whole wheat or oat bran, coupled with the principled avoidance of gluten, trans fats and high carb levels have resulted in a number of unique bread products. “We take pride in offering our customers products they can fully enjoy, knowing that our breads are as healthy as they are delicious”, says Joseph Boghos, the founder of Joseph's bakery and its director of technical services.

Joseph's latest addition to its range of healthy bread products is High Fiber Plus Pita Bread, designed to fit the sensitive needs of diabetics. The product passed all clinical and legal protocols at the Glycemic Research Institute and got full certification as a low glycemic food. This groundbreaking innovation has been shown to help reduce the sugar level spikes that occur after eating sweet or carbohydrate-rich food, becoming the first certified diabetic friendly pita bread. By taking effort to create a product that keeps diabetic complications in check Joseph's Bakery has again proven its dedication to its guiding philosophy that good health starts with good food.

Thanks to the introduction of e-commerce to its website, Joseph's Bakery now aims to reach a wider group of consumers with this message. The new online bakery features a full set of information on available products, complete with nutrition details, pre-pack types or unit and case prices. It has been designed for both individual customers looking for creative and health-conscious bread products and for wholesalers doing bulk orders. Trying to reach out to pita bread distributors across the country, Joseph's Bakery offers considerable discounts for large quantities. It has never been easier to enjoy great taste and health benefits of Joseph's original food.

Together with other fantastic products from Joseph's Bakery and hundreds of recipes for home use available on the website, the latest changes make it possible for bread lovers to enjoy their active, healthy lifestyle without the need to give up their culinary preferences. Go to Joseph's Bakery website to discover the wealth of its offering, from diabetic friendly pita bread to unique square wraps to delightful pancakes.

Source: Joseph's Bakery