La Morella Nuts Introduces Its Mediterranean Nut Craft to the World

Specialty nut expert La Morella Nuts, who creates nut based ingredients full of taste and goodness for artisans and brands, announced global expansion after decades of experience in Mediterranean Nut Craft in Spain. With the expansion, the Mediterranean Nut Craft expert taps into the growing need for healthier indulgence and plant-based products around the world.

Personal and environmental health

Similar to the Mediterranean lifestyle, millennials and centennials from around the globe are looking for tasty, nutrient-dense food & drink such as plant-based, vegan and high-in-protein options. Since the pandemic the need for personal and environmental health is also increasing among older generations. The taste, texture and health benefits that nuts offer, further increases the popularity of the category.

Almond is the most popular milk alternative and the plant-based drink category leader, representing more than $ 1 billion per year in sales in the US alone1. Hazelnut and cashew are also increasingly popular. Between 2015 and 2019 the amount of nut-based vegan drinks, desserts and frozen desserts launches has tripled2. The global non-dairy market is expected to increase year on year3 in drinks (6.3%), yogurts (16.7%) and ice cream (21.6%) until 2024.

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