Lifeline Foods Completes $ 12 Million Masa Mill Expansion Construction Project

LifeLine Foods, a leader in the corn-milling industry, announced completion of its $12 million Masa mill expansion construction project at its St.
Joseph, Missouri facility. The expanded mill will allow LifeLine to increase its presence producing high-quality masa products in the rapidly growing Mexican food industry in the U.S.

“Masa is a corn flour used to make tortillas, tamales, chips and other products. Today, tortillas not only outsell white sandwich bread, but also hot dog and hamburger buns. Masa is perceived as healthier, and there is tremendous growth in Hispanic cuisine. This expansion gives us the opportunity to aggressively compete in this category,” said LifeLine Foods President and CEO Kevin Kelly.

“LifeLine is positioned for extensive growth for the next five years. Looking at and leaning into key consumer market trends has helped shape our growth strategy,” said Kelly. “The capital investments we made in our specialty mill a year ago, which produces Non-GMO and organic products, as well as our now completed Masa mill expansion are evidence of listening to what the market is telling us for growth. We also have invested heavily in our own people. We have a very strong team with decades of experience within the Masa category.”

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