Lifeline to Expand Masa Mill

LifeLine Foods will make a significant investment this year at our St. Joseph headquarters. This fall, Lifeline will expand its masa flour production by adding a second mill. The project includes $5.5 million in existing building improvements and $6.5 million in new machinery equipment, for a total project of $12 million. This project will create 13 new jobs with an average annual compensation of $60,000.

“Our business continues to evolve and grow as consumer demands change,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO. “Adding nearly 10 percent more jobs and capital improvements to our facility will help us meet the demand for our products thanks to incentives like these.”

LifeLine Foods Incentives that assisted to make the project viable include the Chapter 100 program, the Enhanced Enterprise Zone program, the Missouri Works program, and the KCP&L Economic Development Rider. Resolutions of Intent for Chapter 100 to assist both companies will go before the City Council on Monday, May 20, 2019.

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