Lost Bread Co. Launches Grain Share For Fresh-Milled Flour, Just-Baked Bread, And More

As the clock struck noon on a snowy Friday afternoon, Alex Bois, the James Beard Award-nominated baker behind Lost Bread Co., gathered with six staff members at a table inside the bakery’s Fishtown headquarters. They divided a big pot of hot chocolate, almost as thick and rich as pudding, between mugs before diving into a discussion of the malty beverage’s secret ingredient: buckwheat.

The nutty whole grain is the star of next month’s Lost Bread Co. Grain Share, a new program that focuses on a different regionally grown grain each month. As with a CSA, the grain share allows customers to sign up and receive special products — such as extra-creamy cocoa mix — on a monthly basis.

“The monotony of bread-baking for wholesale can get tiring, but this presents a bright spot where we’re encouraged to try new things, to fail, to push our boundaries — it’s a really special environment,” said production manager Sam Degennaro, one of the bakers contributing to the new program.

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