Love (and the Aroma of Fresh Baked Goods) is in the Air

With the Christmas season barely in the rearview mirror, it’s already time to make plans for our next big holiday – VALENTINE’S DAY!  This year, Valentine’s Day (February 14) falls on a Sunday, so it’s especially important to decorate your store, display case, and product well in advance.  That way, you can “catch” weekday business customers whose attention may not be fully focused on matters of the heart.  Help them remember with bright decorations and fresh-baked, delicious baked goods. 


BakeMark has your back when you need brightly colored product decorations to bring out the romance on even the most basic bakery items.  Our line of Sprinkelina Valentine’s Toppings provides a fantastic head-start for basic product decorations.  Once you get started, let your imagination and your romantic side run wild.  Look at these fantastic toppings:

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