Mama Lupe’s Launches ‘Flavor Pack’ Line of Sweet and Savory Flavored Flour Tortillas

MOUNDRIDGE, Kan.–Mama Lupe’s, a leading brand of innovative and better-for-you tortillas, announced today that it has pioneered a line of flavored tortillas which will launch this month in Walmart stores across the United States. Presented under the ‘Flavor Pack’ sub-brand, innovative flavors include chocolate, churro, ranch, BBQ, pumpkin spice, and buffalo spice. For sale at only $2.98 per package, Flavor Pack presents an incredible value for customers looking for a fun and unique way to create a new at-home meal or snacking experience.

“These new flavored tortillas are so versatile and so much fun,” said Juan Guardiola, President of Mama Lupe’s. “Consumers today want great flavor and great products at an approachable value, and these products deliver.”

The Mama Lupe’s Flavor Pack tortillas follow in a line of recent innovations launched by the brand. Earlier this year, Mama Lupe’s launched one of the industry’s first Zero Net Carb flour tortillas and a popular Low Carb Whole Wheat flour tortilla. Today, Mama Lupe’s ranks as one of the fastest-growing brands in the tortilla category in the USA.

“We are so excited that Walmart has launched this new Flavor Pack line in over 3,000 stores across the country,” added Gary Brown, head of sales for the company. “Our flavored tortillas open the door for so much fun recipe experimentation. These tortillas taste great as a snack by themselves or when paired with different ingredients than we normally associate with tortillas.”

Guardiola also shared that Flavor Pack tortillas add more desired flavor for recipes. “The Chocolate Flavor Pack is my favorite. Fold it in a cup, bake it, fill it with ice-cream, top with chocolate sauce and you’ve got the best dessert ever. The buffalo spice tortilla, together with your favorite protein and some hot sauce like Tabasco, makes an incredible fajita or quesadilla with some kick.”

Tortilla King is part of Flagship Food Group, a scaled, diversified food company with a focus on premium and Hispanic foods. Flagship’s other brands include La Tortilla Factory, 505 Southwestern, and Lilly B’s, among others.

“At Flagship, we have developed nearly 50 new innovative food items in the past year. The Mama Lupe’s Flavor Pack line is a highlight of these new products,” said Forrest Kragten, CEO of La Tortilla Factory, a sister company of Tortilla King.

“We just hope people give these flavored tortillas a try. They are different, but once you try them, you’ll be dreaming of the fun ways to use them in your everyday cooking,” said Brown. He continued, “Flavor Pack lets even the busiest or most timid cooks add a dash of creativity to their routine.”

About Flagship Food Group

Flagship Food Group is a premium and Hispanic foods-focused diversified food company that manufactures, sells, and distributes food products under the 505 Southwestern, Lilly B’s, Hatch Kitchen, Mapa Lupe’s, TJ Farms, La Tortilla Factory, and other brands. The Company also partners with leading food retailers to develop R&D-driven private label programs, and provides food logistics, warehousing, and freight management services within the food industry. The Company operates facilities and offices in or near Boise, ID, Denver, CO, Albuquerque, NM, Santa Rosa, CA, San Francisco, CA, Minneapolis, MN, and Moundridge, KS.