Mardi Gras 2021 May be Canceled But New Orleans is Making Up For it by Eating King Cake

Will Samuels wasn’t sure what to expect this year at the King Cake Hub, his three-year-old seasonal shop offering the Mardi Gras confection from 15 New Orleans bakeries. So far, business has been brisk. He has been selling nearly 1,000 king cakes a day.

“It’s fantastic. Surpassing the numbers that I expected,” Samuels said.

This year, the coronavirus has canceled Mardi Gras parades. The seasonal parades were heavily criticized in 2020 after New Orleans became one of America’s first and worst hot spots. Mardi Gras balls, both elegant and boisterous, are not happening. Parties and lunches have been postponed. But people can still eat cake.

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