Maximize The Life Of Your Baking Band With Ashworth's New ActiveTrack Tracking System

WINCHESTER, VA. – The ActiveTrack tracking system employs the use of high temperature, self-cleaning, non-contact sensors to collect and analyze band speed and position data in order to make small and consistent bidirectional adjustments in order to track an oven band to within +/- 1/8 of an inch. Other tracking systems target to a range and make large corrections to compensate when an oven band is off track. This overcompensation increases the stress on the oven band and reduces band life.

To ensure optimal performance, the ActiveTrack tracking system is equipped with an integrated alarm system and utilizes external heavy-duty bearings and rollers with an adjustable center roll. This system consists of three rollers on the return path and two rollers for the load path of the oven. ActiveTrack is suitable for use with all tight woven, articulated and solid steel bands with a maximum width of 63” (1600mm). Wider widths require an engineering evaluation. For the ease of maintenance, ActiveTrack™ is powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Ashworth offers full turn-key installation of the ActiveTrack tracking system through Ashworth Factory Service Corporation.

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Source: Ashworth Bros., Inc.