Mission Foods Launches Keto-Certified Mission Zero Net Carbs Tortillas to Help You Meet Your Nutritional Goals

IRVING, Texas — Mission Foods, the world’s leading brand for tortillas and wraps, continues to offer fresh products that meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. The company’s new Zero Net Carbs Tortillas are not only zero net carbs and zero sugar, but also Keto-certified, high fiber and low in calories.

“Shoppers are increasingly seeking foods that are low in carbohydrates and sugar,” said Juan Gonzalez, CEO, Mission Foods. “Mission Foods has once again set the bar by offering healthy products that help consumers meet their nutritional goals with the same great flavors they have come to expect from the brand.”

Made with the highest quality ingredients, Mission® Zero Net Carbs tortillas will launch in September 2022 and become available in stores across the U.S. in the coming months. They will be offered in two delicious flavors: Original — the flavor Mission customers know and love, and Sundried Tomato Basil — packed with zesty sundried tomatoes and fresh basil flavors to ensure consumers can lose the carbs without losing taste.

Consumer research shows that more than half of shoppers are looking for foods with less sugar and more than a third look for fewer carbohydrates on nutrition labels. Having Keto Certification for Mission Foods’ Zero Net Carbs products will give consumers – those following the Keto diet and those just looking to make nutritious choices alike – the trust and confidence they need to make a good decision for their health.

“These new products represent Mission Foods once again rising to meet consumer needs with products that taste great while fitting into consumers’ dietary patterns,” said Sathish Mohanraju, Vice President, Marketing & Trade Marketing at Mission Foods. “Someone on a low-carb or Keto diet will still be able to enjoy our delicious tortillas in their favorite wraps, tacos or snacks without sacrificing flavor.”

The launch of Mission Foods’ Zero Net Carbs tortillas build on the success of the company’s gluten-free Almond Flour and Cauliflower Flour tortillas launched in 2021 — furthering Mission Foods’ legacy of innovating healthy, delicious, high-quality food that everyone can enjoy. For more recipe ideas with Mission® Zero Net Carbs Tortillas check out https://www.missionfoods.com/. And don’t forget to share your favorites with us on Facebook and Instagram!


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