Mordor Intelligence, Inc. Launches Its Baked Foods & Cereals Intelligence Center

HYDERABAD, India – Mordor Intelligence today announced the launch of its much awaited 'Baked Foods & Cereals Intelligence Center ' a one-stop shop for companies looking for actionable business insights. The intelligence center comprises of detailed data points across a number of factors that affect the baked food market. The platform is geared to help clients get specific insights at a micro level to help with business decisions. Mordor's Intelligence Center on Baked Foods & Cereals is unique in its presentation. The platform is almost like a plug and play where changing factors and markets gets data and insights instantly.

Speaking to the press on the occasion of this launch, Bharadwaj Reddy, CEO of Mordor Intelligence, said: "Most players from within an industry more often than not, base business decisions on specific data points across a plethora of factors. Having access to such data points, especially on a highly interactive and responsive platform goes a long way in the accuracy of such analysis. Our Baked Foods & Cereals Intelligent Centre offers precisely this: an analysis of global, regional and country level data across 6 categories and 35 segments, both in international and local currencies. All this extrapolated through 13 years of comparable data offering 5 year forecasts for both value and volume sales."  

The IC offers companies a deep understanding on how intra categories in Baked Foods & Cereals compete with each other. The anticipation of future trends and demands helps reduce risk and identify potential opportunities to tap into. The Mordor IC is compellingly priced, and offers top quality data and analysis at a micro level. The IC also offers real-time analyst support that promises a quick resolution of queries in under 4 hours. From a sheer volume perspective, the baked goods and cereals IC comprises of over 75,000 data points, covering 52 countries and 9 distribution channels. These statistics are updated periodically to support latest industry changes and trends.

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Source: Mordor Intelligence