Northgate Market Announces Largest Rosca de Reyes Event in LA

Learn about the traditions of Día de Los Reyes and taste some delicious, freshly-baked bread at Northgate González Market’s Rosca de Reyes Event. Measuring at 36-feet round, the oval shape Rosca represents a crown with jewels (dry fruit) and contains hidden figurines that represent baby Jesus.

Traditionally, whoever receives a slice of bread with a plastic figure of the baby shall care for the baby until Feb.2 (el día de Candelaria), and host a dinner for family and friends offering traditional Mexican treats like tamales and atole, a warm beverage.

Northgate Markets associates travel to Mexico annually searching for the best ingredients that make the handmade Roscas authentic to Mexican traditions. Bring the whole family to see the largest Rosca de Reyes in Los Angeles!

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