NYC Bakeries Selling (or Giving Away) Sourdough Starter Right Now

Many of the city’s top bakeries have kept their doors open through the novel coronavirus pandemic by delivering freshly baked bread and pastries. Due to a rise in home cooking, though, several have also started to deliver the bubbly yeast cultures behind their popular sourdough loaves.

In pre-COVID-19 times, sourdough starters were commonly handed down in glass mason jars from friends and family members — or from a neighborhood baker who didn’t mind scraping a few ounces off the top of their leaven. But in the more than two months since NYC has been on lockdown, the visibility of homemade sourdough bread on social media has seen a meteoric rise. While a perfect loaf of bread can only come with practice, these sourdough starters — many of which are free and some of which are as old as eight years — are certainly a good start.

Below, find a list of just a few neighborhood restaurants and bakeries selling housemade sourdough starter by the ounce, cup, and jar, listed in alphabetical order.

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