Open Sesame, Just Not for Me

His first reaction occurred while we were enjoying a snack of hummus and crackers. Quickly after his first bite, hives began forming all over his body. Being only 11 months old at the time, our son could not tell us what he was feeling, but his notable irritation and physical reaction were enough. We knew something was wrong. And we had a suspicion about what was causing it.

Four years later, our son was attending his last day of preschool and had just eaten a cup of ice cream. My wife received a call, letting her know that he had vomited due to what they believed was a stomach virus. Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at the school to find him continuing to vomit, but also having diarrhea, covered in hives, and starting to act incoherently. She quickly administered Benadryl and rushed him to the local Children’s hospital, where he had begun to go into anaphylactic shock. The team of doctors and nurses there promptly administered a dose of epinephrin, possibly saving his life that day.

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