Playful Cats Quarrel Illogically? What is the New PCQI Online?

Pretty Controlled Quark Implosion? Pastel Colored Quinoa Ingredients? Prepared Colleagues Quarantine Indefinitely (aka, “2020”)?

While our new PCQI Online course is unique, it’s none of these quirky acronyms. It will though efficiently and effectively train and prepare your employee to become a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, overseeing the development and implementation of the food safety plan for your facility, among other critical responsibilities.

As you may know, FDA’s FSMA mandates that all food manufacturing facilities conduct Hazard analysis and risk based preventive controls (HARPC) and shall implement science-based preventive control measures to reduce the potential risk of food product adulteration. Further, FSMA regulations require at least one PCQI to supervise the development and implementation of the food safety plan, validation of the preventive controls, review of records and re-analysis of the food safety plan. The goal is to prevent foodborne illness. Therefore, it is critical for food and beverage manufacturers to have a trained PCQI on staff to oversee these responsibilities.

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