POPCAKE Enters U.S. Market With Automatic Pancake Maker

POPCAKE, the world’s first commercial grade automatic pancake machine,
officially expanded into the North American Market today. Already in use
overseas, the innovation and versatility of the POPCAKE pancake maker provides
the specialty food and commercial food service industries with an opportunity to
enhance their menu and offering with low start-up cost, ease of integration and
quick return on investment.

“With successful distribution underway in Australia, Europe and Hong Kong, entry
into North America is the next logical step in driving POPCAKE’s growth,” said
Tim Young, vice president of marketing for POPCAKE. “The launch of POPCAKE in
North America is rather timely as we are finding a greater percentage of
commercial food service operators looking to leverage their existing overhead
and enter into the fast-paced, high growth breakfast segment,” Young explained.

To prepare for its official entry into the U.S. commercial market, POPCAKE made
the rounds at U.S. tradeshows, appearing at the Specialty Coffee Association of
America and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) tradeshow in 2009. POPCAKE
garnered the attention of the NRA and The Food Channel, which named POPCAKE one
of the Top Ten Finds of the 2009 National Restaurant Association Show.

“We see POPCAKE as a valuable and viable business opportunity specifically for
independent coffee shops, catering companies, convenience stores, specialty food
retailers and food service hospitality companies like Compass Group, Aramark and
Sodexo,” said Young. “The innovation and versatility of POPCAKE is adaptable to
a wide range of commercial food service applications and provides the
opportunity to grow and expand service to the consumer, while offering both
rapid start up and return.”

Upscale food innovators, like frozen yogurt retailers and healthy sandwich
franchises, are also capitalizing on innovations like the POPCAKE pancake maker.
These stores can create one-of-a-kind breakfast and snack offerings using
POPCAKE, yogurt, fruit and more. “It’s a natural fit as these types of companies
strive to offer consumers fresh, healthy and quick meals on-the-go,” according
to Young.

Weighing less than 51 pounds and standing just 16 inches tall, POPCAKE
integrates easily into commercial kitchens or front-of-house/buffet counters.
The machine’s easy-to-use operation offers convenience to busy chefs and
catering professionals, and intuitive instruction which is valuable in
self-service settings like hotels, cafeterias and convenience stores. There is
no mess or cooking prep required for the operator, which minimizes setup and
ongoing maintenance.

POPCAKE’s simple, yet powerful software offers unmatched versatility. The
machine can be easily adjusted for pancake size, from small silver dollar sizes
to large flap jacks, for a simple snack option or a full breakfast offering.
Preferences for doneness, color and stack-size quantity can also be selected
based on the individual commercial setting and need.

Globally, it is estimated that more than 20 million pancakes are consumed daily.
The versatility of the POPCAKE machine taps directly into this gigantic market,
providing a variety of menu items for convenient breakfast and alternative
day-time snack demand. POPCAKE has identified consumer preferences toward
convenient, healthy alternatives, to which POPCAKE has targeted its offering.

Cooked without oil, butter or grease, POPCAKE pancakes are 97 percent fat free
and come in sweet and savory blends. The company’s all-natural specialty mixes
include gluten-free and buckwheat. It also is working on a line of fruit
toppings and non-dairy whip fillings for a full variety of menu options that
satisfy a broad-range of consumer choices.

As an introductory offer, POPCAKE is providing marketing incentives and support
to North American businesses ready to implement POPCAKE into their specialty or
commercial food service business. Visit www.POPCAKE-na.com for details.


Innovative Commercial Concepts is the North American distributor of POPCAKE
headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Hong Kong-based parent company, POPCAKE
Foodservice Products Ltd. (PFPL), is the exclusive worldwide supplier of the
POPCAKE system. PFPL is the supplier for the POPCAKE machine, POPCAKE mix, POPCAKE toppings and related products. POPCAKE is the world’s first
commercial-grade automatic pancake making machine. To learn more about POPCAKE,
visit www.POPCAKE-na.com