PreGel America’s Top 14 Of 2014

2013 is coming to a close, but it’s only the beginning for chefs and foodies in the Food Industry as a new and exciting year of innovation awaits us. When thinking about the New Year, several keywords come to mind: customizable, creativity and gourmet. Almost every trend predicted for 2014 embodies one or more of these keywords, representing a shift in the industry. Read up on PreGel’s Top 14 of 2014 and stay up-to-date on what you can expect as another delicious year approaches.

Build-Your-Way or No-Way
If you ever find yourself asking for exactly what you want instead of ordering whats on the menu, youre not alone. Todays consumer expects a build-your-own mindset in every restaurant from QSR to fine dining, and the reasons for it range from diet and allergy restrictions to taste preferences and calorie counts. Private labels are also growing from this trend as more businesses are requesting a completely custom formula to differentiate themselves in the market. There was a time when substitutions on the menu were a chefs pet peeve; today, this pet peeve is a thing of the past as businesses must embrace the customization trend in order to grow with todays consumer.

Pretzel to Add a New Twist to Desserts
Popcorn was the 2013 snack of the year, but this year its salty counterpart will be taking the limelight. Pretzels have already gained traction in the industry with Wendys Pretzel Burger and Sonic Drive-Ins Original Pretzel Dog. In 2014, the pretzel will shine in terms of morning and after-dinner dayparts. With the sweet-and-salty combination consistently topping charts in the world of sweets, it shouldnt be hard for the pretzel to make a grand entrance into desserts.

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