Protein Packed Whole Grains

In the past decade there has been increased awareness of human’s impact on the environment resulting in subsequent changes in behavior — from our modes of transportation and businesses we support to the food that we eat. In turn, plant based diets — whether flexitarian, vegan or vegetarian — have grown in popularity. Moving towards a more plant based diet means a partial or full departure from animal products which are a main source of protein for many. Never fear! By making the switch to whole grains, you can get a protein boost at each and every meal of the day. In fact, a serving of whole grains can have as much protein as a hard-boiled egg. We’ve put together a quick cheat sheet to protein, the whole grains that contribute to protein intake along with some of our favorite recipes!

What is a protein?

Proteins are essential for the regulation and functioning of our tissues and organs. They play a main role in maintaining muscles and bones, as well as immune system support.  Proteins are made up of different combinations of 20 amino acids. Nine of these amino acids cannot be made in the body, so must be consumed through the food we eat. These nine are known as essential amino acids.

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