Puratos: 10 Concepts That Reduce Food Waste

“I am what I eat”, say present day consumers, millennials in particular. They associate food with their personality. The latest Taste Tomorrow survey revealed that consumers are conscientious. They behave responsibly and want to eat ethically. The desire of young consumers to live an ethical lifestyle is closely linked to sustainability. There are numerous ways food producers can respond to consumer needs for ethical and sustainable products that reflect consumers’ personal beliefs. The following ten companies focus on preventing food waste, both to satisfy ethical consumers and to reduce their environmental impact.

Consumers care about the planet, people and the future

The ethical lifestyle trend is one of the nine global trends highlighted by the Taste Tomorrow survey. The main concerns within this trend fall into three key categories: the planet, people and future generations. Consumers value sustainably produced products, locally sourced food and take animal welfare into account. And as almost 90% of respondents expect food shortages in the future, they’re willing to consider potential solutions. There are numerous ways the industry can respond to these consumer needs. Reducing food waste is one of them. The ten concepts highlighted here do their utmost to reduce the amount of food wasted, each in their own way, from upcycling leftovers to using technology for smarter use of ingredients.

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