Puratos: How to Play the Long Game

“It’s crazy to see how flexible we actually are. We always say it’s hard to change, but we’ve now proven as a society that we can change if we really have to.” As an international keynote speaker and expert in customer experience and technology Steven van Belleghem normally spends 99% of his time outside of his home country Belgium. Now he’s working 100% of the time from home. “The first weeks I panicked a little, but I found the energy back to inspire people digitally. It’s the speed of transformation and entrepreneurship that makes the difference. As a person, but also as a company.”

A crisis like this differentiates the winners from the losers according to Steven van Belleghem. “In this situation, you have to play the long game by adding value to your customers and showing gratitude. It’s all about the willingness to change and keeping your positive entrepreneurial spirit.” Van Belleghem explains the major changes and adaptations that all companies, regardless of the size, should consider to build their brand and reputation.

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